Life is about relationships. Love. Support. Encouragement. Service. Fun. I’ve been blessed with beautiful children, a bizarre husband, a mother and sisters who love me, a Dad whose life and memory I wouldn’t trade for anything, meaningful work, and life long friends.

Along the way, I discovered the intense joy, and the depth of struggle, of picking up pencils or a paintbrush and joining God in the beautiful work of creation. My children joined me in this journey. Memories of us in the art room are the happiest moments of my life. Their work adorns the walls of my home. This is actually what makes for priceless art.

Now I have a place to call my own. A retreat. An escape. Not an escape FROM life but an escape FOR life. For if my art has taught me anything, it has taught me to see deeper than the superficial. To see the connections of God’s handiwork everywhere.

Welcome to this window into our deeper seeing.